Want to know immediately whether you have corona? Or traveling soon? PCR test and rapid test in Assen.

Make an appointment for a PCR test or a rapid test at Coronatest Assen. Book your PCR test or rapid test easily online. Click on ‘Make an appointment here’ at the top right of the page and you will immediately see the available options per day.

We only use tests validated and CE approved by the RIVM. If you make an appointment before 1 p.m. (PCR test), you will receive the result the same day! You will receive the results of a rapid test after 15-20 minutes.

  • Quick test result: 15-20 minutes.
  • PCR test result: Taken from Monday to Sunday before 13:00, results on the same day in the evening. Taken after 13:00, results the next evening.

The test result will be sent by SMS and e-mail. Positive results are passed on to the GGD.

Do you have questions? You can reach us by email: info@coronatestassen.nl

How does it work?

Make an appointment

Make an appointment online. Choose your day and time. Then come to our location at the agreed time.

Come and visit us

Come at the reserved time. We ask that you do not arrive too early or too late. Our Address: Zuidenveld 133, 9406LK Assen.

Taking the test

One of our healthcare professionals will take the test from you. After 15 minutes, the results are known.

Result in 15 minutes

We will send you the results by SMS and by e-mail. Quick test result: 15-20 minutes. PCR test result: taken Mon-Sat before 1 p.m.; results the same evening. Taken after 1:00 PM: the following evening. Positive results are passed on to the GGD.

Quick test (Antiogen test)

  • Result after 15 minutes

Quick test (Antiogen test) + EU Travel Certificate

  • Result after 15 minutes
  • With EU travel certificate

PCR test + International travel certificate

  • Includes international travel iificate
  • If (from Monday to Saturday) taken before 13:00, you will receive the results the same afternoon/evening. Taken on Sunday? Then you will receive the results on Monday evening.

We think it is important that you know how we handle your data.

For individuals and companies

Both individuals and companies can make an appointment online for a rapid test or PCR test at our location. It is also possible for companies to book tests at your company location. In that case, one of our employees will come to your location to take the test(s). Please contact us for this.

Companies can also choose to request voucher codes and distribute them to employees. For example, employees can schedule a test appointment themselves (and at no cost).

If you are with us

When to get tested?

Do you have corona-related complaints?

Then have yourself tested as soon as possible. This way you prevent infecting others.

Have you been in contact with someone who has corona, but do you have no complaints?

Then it is advisable to have a test 5 days after the possible infection. The virus has an incubation period. This is the time between infection and disease. So it makes no sense to have you tested immediately after contact with a person who is infected (or has complaints).

We do, however, strongly advise you to limit contact with others until you have been tested.

About us

Corona test Assen is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Coronatest Assen works under the supervision of a BIG-registered doctor. Positive results are passed on to the local GGDs by secure care email.

Details of the doctor involved:

BIG: 99021840801

AGB: 84111242

Our location:
South field 133
9406LK Axles

We only work by appointment. You can easily do this HERE to click.

Make an appointment

Making a test appointment is easy. Click on the “Make an appointment here” button at the top right and go through the steps.

After making an appointment you will receive confirmation and instructions by e-mail and SMS.

We will come to your home or company in the time slot of your choice.